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[PROMO CODE] for CS Fail for $0.50 + CS Fail secret code

This promo code will give you coins for roulette CS Fail.
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Remember the popular site with only CRASH mode – CSGORUN? So CS Fail is a very similar option. There is also a promo code for CS Fail and only two modes.

These sites are becoming popular and it is natural that there are more variations of such roulettes. The reason for the popularity of such sites lies in two things: first – a beautiful visual representation of the game and second – a high probability to make a profit.If the first point is clear – you put the skin on the coefficient and when he wins, then right before your eyes the item becomes better and for example a AK-47 can turn into a knife, the second point requires clarification. Personally, it seems to me that it is definitely easier to win on this mode than, for example, on a roulette in three or four colors. Here you can put on a small coefficient of 1.2 and get 20% profit with a very high probability, because less than 1.2 almost never flies. All this allowed sites with Crash mode to become popular in just a few months. At the moment, online on such sites is huge. Revenues of these sites are accordingly large and so now such sites are generous and give the opportunity to win a decent amount!

CSGOFail gives you the opportunity to make money through discounts or real money. You can withdraw money only with skins from CSGO.

The site also has a bonus system for adding the site name to the Steam nickname. The longer you do not remove the site name from Nick, the higher percentage of the bonus you will receive:

  • In one day you will get +10% to your deposit
  • In a week +11%
  • In two weeks +12%
  • In three weeks +13%
  • In four weeks +14%
  • And finally the biggest bonus you will get in five weeks +15%.

There are two types of promo codes – secret code and bonus refferal promo code.
Bonus promo code “DATAGAME” gives you $0.50 on balance and 5% bonus to your first deposit. You have nothing to lose, so I advise everyone to use this promotional code at the first deposit on the site CS Fail and get a free bonus that will allow you to win more skins CS:GO.

How to activate the promo code CS Fail?

To activate the promotional code, login to the site under your account and select “DEPOSIT” in the menu.
Enter “DATAGAME” in the field that appears.

CS Fail secret code

We also have an additional secret code CSFAIL for you for a 10% bonus to top-up – “CSGOREX”. To activate it, enter it in the replenishment window in the gold field, as in the picture below.